fairy/kit/buns/🦋/💫/xem minor. pan. nb. mex + indigenous + black.
twitter @hyukasflwr

YES! hamilton, kpop, marvel, anime, mcyt, minecraft in general, roblox, genshin, nintendo games.
NO! the yts, the heteros, the moomoos, and

kpop anime hamilton mcyt

stan list
enhypen, txt, skz, nct, p1h, shinee, exo, monsta x, got7, iKON, astro, more + quackity, ranboo, wilbur, dream, george. tubbo, sapnap, karl

BYF i curse a lot, i have horrible takes, i tweet random stuff, i tweet/qrt/rt nsfw and dont tag it, i use slurs i can reclaim, i insult everybody. DNI -11/20+ (unless i follow first) yt, cishet, british, hwasa stan, solo stan (unless heechul solo), suju stan, techno, eret, a6d, tommy, schlatt stan, ___phobic, sexist, racist, anti my stans.

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